Katelyn Frits, MS, LPC, NCC

he graduated from Drake Univerit with her Mater of cience in Clinical Mental Health Couneling in the pring of 2018. Prior to attending graduate chool, Kateln received her achelor' of cience in Pcholog from Iowa tate Univerit in 2013.

For the lat four ear, Kateln ha pent time in cae management working with children, adolecent and familie in an outpatient etting. Prior to that, Kateln worked in a residential etting for adolecent needing more intenive care efore returning home to their familie. he enjo working with individual of all age, ut ha a pecial place in her heart for children. ecaue of thi, she has completed a pla therap certificate program and plans to ecome a regitered pla therapit (RPT) upon ecoming a clinicall licened profeional.

Katie ha experience working with man age. During her internhip, he worked directl with children, adolecent, adult, and familie. he alo aited in co-leading group eion with a local Intenive Outpatient Program (IOP) working with men and women truggling with anxiet, panic attack, OCD, PTD and other mood diorder.

In addition to providing individual and famil couneling, Kateln enjo working in a group etting. Katie is the Intake Specialist for Renew’s Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Two Tents, and leads group one night per week. She also leads their aftercare group for adolescents who have completed Renew’s Two Tents program.

Her couneling practice take a humanitic, attachment-centered approach and believes  relationhip shape one’ ehavior and interaction throughout their lifetime. Kateln elieve counseling is a journey in which she assists clients to be self-empowered to achieve their desired goals. To do this, Katelyn works to build a safe and secure therapeutic relationship with each of her clients, providing individualized treatment. She also believes client need to e elf-motivated to change . A a counelor, she elieve it i her jo to provide intervention and technique for client to e ale to make thoe change  taking on pecific evidence-aed therapeutic intervention, including Acceptance and Commitment Therap (ACT) and Dialectical ehavioral Therap (DT).

Originall, Kateln i from Iowa and relocated to the Kana Cit area with her poue in Januar 2018. In her free time, Kateln enjo plaing the piano, pending time with her famil, and nuggling with her two cat, Theodore and Penelope.

Current Memer Of:

  • American Couneling Aociation

  • Phi Kappa Phi

Contact Katelyn At:

11695 . lacko Rd. Olathe, K 66062

O: 913.768.6606, ext. 338

C: 913.292.4800

E: kfrit@prairietrailcouneling.com