It all started when…

Having moved multiple times throughout her childhood, Katelyn's move out of state during middle school was one of her most challenging moves. The transition to a new school with new peers was anxiety provoking to her; she struggled to cope on her own. That is when she and her parents knew she needed to seek therapeutic help, allowing her to positively adjust in her new school and community. After having attended individual therapy for a short time, Katelyn learned social skills and practiced coping skills for anxiety. Katelyn found significant relief and settled into her new home.

This had such a great impact on Katelyn, that since high school she has known she wanted to become a therapist to help other students and adults just like her. Although mental health can be relatively invisible on the outside (it doesn't need a physical band aid), mental health can impact someone so significantly that they struggle with an internal pain, so to speak. This is a pain no one should have to endure alone. 

Our name, Prairie Trails Counseling, has multiple meanings that tie directly into our view of mental health, Katelyn's story, and its Kansas roots. 

Prairies are a beautiful part of nature, and we get the wonderful opportunity to live within the prairie. Prairies are self-sustaining. They go through many changes, good and bad, throughout their lifetime; yet they continue to survive. Prairie Trails Counseling believes each client is resilient in their own way. Everyone has moments in their life that are very challenging to cope with. In addition, prairies are self-reviving. Change can be made from within oneself. Sometimes these changes need extra support. Mental health wellness, counseling, and life is a journey. There are ups and downs; good and bad days; hardships; emotions come and go; skills are learned. One counseling session typically will not fix or resolve the underlying concern, and it generally takes multiple sessions before seeing any significant impact and/or benefit. We see the counseling journey as a trail, and one that is well worth taking! Prairie Trails Counseling works individually with each client to assist them on their specific "trail" to achieve mental health wellness, with each step down this path (or trail) providing the individual with more clarity and self awareness. 

Prairie Trails Counseling would be honored to walk alongside you, your child, and your family on your path to wholeness.