Prairie Trails Counseling offers individual counseling for those who are seeking services for themselves to assist them with struggles such as anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. Often an individual needs someone to talk with about their current life concerns (stressful job, familial strain, financial constraints, etc.) to process through their specific thoughts, emotions, feelings, and more. Individual counseling allows clients to process through their current life stressors in a safe environment while learning specific coping skills to better manage life outside of the therapeutic setting.




Sometimes life gets in the way, and the cohesive family unit that you once had is now gone. Family therapy is an engaging type of therapy to get family members involved in treatment together. By working with Prairie Trails Counseling as a family, you will partake in individual and family sessions to find the best solution to help decrease tension within your family unit by developing healthy communication skills. 



Play is a child's natural language and form of communication. It can be difficult for children to express what they are thinking or feeling verbally. Play therapy is a great way for children to express and process their thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening and stress-free environment. Some therapeutic interventions include sand tray, puppets, art and more! Play therapy techniques can be used with a variety of ages, ranging from three through adulthood.



Prairie Trails Counseling is in-network with KMAP’s United Health and Sunflower plans. In addition, we are in-network with Ambetter. Prairie Trails Counseling also offers counseling via fee for service at an affordable rate. Contact us for rate information.